Country That I Wanted to Visit

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The description land og Egypt. There a desert and camels.

Sunday morning, ohhhhh I like Sunday morning …. and on the last day of February it’s a rainy day.  I want fantasizing first. Delusional can travel the world and go into these countries, hihihihi 🙂 *Laughing*

Steeped in culture, I think India is a unique country with religious diversity in it like Indonesia. Dominant with a population of Hindus, many things that make India as an attractive country for me personally.

Indian people or their descendants can be found everywhere as Chinese people. Even in Indonesia, the owner of film production houses are also of Indian descent. Do you know the the Ram Punjabi ?? hehehe

But I am interested to enter the valley of the Gangga river, Taj Mahal as a famous and iconic in the world, then I want to know the original Indian food like what ?, also about Yoga, things spiritual smelled of India.

Japan as well as the rich Indian culture. Maybe it’s because I was mostly watching Japanese dramas huh? but the country is indeed a fascinating country, especially if we go to Japan, I’d love to climb Mount Fuji. One purpose only,  Mount Fuji beside Tokyo city.


Egypt is famous for its civilization, in history books, even the history of the prophet, of the Pharaohs, the Pyramids, the desert, traveling by camel there, the Nile, and what the atmosphere of this country that is portrayed in the movies. Also want to try different culinary.

China was spacious, but I want to visit  Yunnan, the highlands or mountain area with a lot of hills. reportedly there is also a set of Muslim population. Besides Yunan, I want going to Beijing which is part of the town of magnitude, to be really into the famous Great Wall of China.

Louping, Yunnan Province, China

Saudi Arabia
Why Saudi Arabia? because I wanted to have a spiritual experience. Umrah or Hajj apart from one command when we’ve been able to.

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  1. bersapedahan says:

    india, cina, japan, mesir .. saya juga mau atuh … belum pernah soalnya
    juga negara2 lainnya .. yang eksotis .. pengen … banyak maunya saya ini 😀

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