Au Revoir 2013, Bonjour 2014 !!!

The last day, when we left 2013. And resolution, why we should make a resolution? How funny and the fact, i’m always make it so detailed. When, how, in order to achieve it, *laughing*

What about your resolutions this year? Alhamdulillah … i had to travel 7 destinations that i’d love to explore in 2013. And as usual, each December i make plans for next year. No matter where to spend New Year’s Eve or celebrate it, because is more important the meaning changes from year to year.


Then i promised to forget all the bad memories of the past and will make more and more good memory for next year.

But tomorrow is already written, as we know how every story in the world created by the same God. But lately i realized, when i’m reading a simple evocative novel, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

“Why do we have to think too much about tomorrow or regret the past. But today i just want to enjoy, pay attention, and live well. Then there would be no worries for tomorrow, also no regrets in the past.”

Tomorrow is still mystery


(Dyah Ayu Pamela)



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